2016 Hannah Farris

Ms. Hannah Farris is the Marketing Coordinator from the Montessori Children's Academy, with locations in Morristown, Chatham and Short Hills. She was very informative on the mission and current teaching methods of the Montessori school. Ms. Farris had even brought in examples of what the children do in class. Ms. Farris provided the following information about the Montessori school. "It is a unique educational environment, one that I was drawn to after having my own unique educational experience from Catholic preschool in suburban New Jersey to the diverse and exciting London School of Economics. Working for The Montessori Children's Academy (MCA) has afforded me the opportunity to continue my own education - I'm learning something new everyday. After all, a true Montessorian never loses her love for learning." Please check out our pictures.
Owner: William Vandeveer
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